Ewww… That’s tacky…

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This is basically what I pictured they would look like... Comforting.

Has anyone heard the song “The Sex is Good” by Saving Abel?  Because it’s really terrible.  Srsly.

Not to say that this band’s other songs are particularly deep, but…

You know all my deepest secrets

I think you know, you know to keep ’em

But I wonder if you know

I hate sleeping alone

That’s not even the chorus.  I know 5th graders that could write something that actually conveyed a message and had more style than this…

I have to fake it

I’d leave if I could

I’m not in love, but the sex is good

That’s the first half of the chorus. He seems really emotionally conflicted… I am too, really…

You can’t mistake it

Cause it’s understood

I’m not in love, but the sex is good

(Yeeeeahhh Mmmmm)

The affirmation noises were included in the lyrics I looked up so I feel obligated to include them…

If you want to read the rest of the lyrics, I’m sure you can find them on the interwebs (may I suggest using a search engine such as Google and Bing-they’re quite popular).  I assure you the rest of the song will not move you  so much as inspire you to put out your own crap album so you can make millions of dollars at the expense of drunk college boys everywhere…

I wish I could say that the song was degrading and offensive, but really I just find it tacky.  I mean, he’s obviously singing about a woman he hooks up with a lot, BUT really anyone could be singing this song about someone of any gender…  So I suppose I could even call it equal opportunity… Yes?

Anyway-I’m pretty sure this guy’s problem could just be solved if he got a teddy bear and started frequenting  S&M clubs-he definitely has some impulse control problems and I feel like a bit of sado-masochistic role-play could get that out of his system.

Adios, mofos.



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